Karl W. Lohninger

Production Sound Mixer
(Los Angeles, CA)

Over a decade of feature film, commercial, and on-the-go docu audio experience -- from on location in LA to the deserts in Morocco. Available for projects world-wide.


Mariel M. Lohninger

Audio Supervisor - Sound Mixer
(Los Angeles, CA - Tokyo, Japan)

Over 10 years of audio experience in the field, on the road, and in critical multi-crew, high wireless-count situations for audio challenges, big and small.

For productions looking for location sound in Tokyo, Japan, please visit Tokyo Crew GK.


We have an extensive sound equipment package for just about any project. Check out our gear list.

Karl Lohninger
US: +1 (310) 689 8255

Mariel Lohninger
US: +1 (213) 359 8726
Japan: +81 (0) 80 8700 6164